Improvements in or relating to machines for pressing and smoothing the uppers of shoes

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Milton Livermore Dodge
  • Publication Date: September 09, 1940
  • Publication Number: GB-526016-A


526,016. Finishing shoes. DODGE, M. L. March 6, 1939, No. 7289. Convention date, March 4, 1938. Addition to 486,961. [Class 17 (i)] The machine described in the parent Specification, comprising an expanding form and outside presser forms, is improved. The inside form may collapse automatically when the outside forms recede, for work-changing, and then automatically expand to a predetermined extent for the pressing operation. Yielding means are provided in the toggle linkage which closes the presser forms on the work. The presser forms are universally mounted, spring-urged to engage the work first at the shoe opening, and provided with stops to limit their movement both towards and away from the opening. The inside form is in two parts 19, 20 pivoted on a spindle 12 and expanded by a cam 25 (not shown) against the pull of a spring. The cam spindle 26 is swung by an arm 62 linked to a lever 121 yieldingly actuated by an extension 110 of the lever 91 actuating the side pressers, as described in the parent Specification, the end of the lever being coupled to the link 112 by springs 113, 114. The swing of the arm 62, and, therefore, the expansion of the two halves of the form, is limited by the engagement of the head of a bolt 64 forming the connection between the parts 62, 63 with the end of a slot 46 adjustable about the spindle 26 on retraction of a pin 47 which selectively engages one of a series of holes 53. The arms 77, which, as described in the parent Specification, actuate the side pressers 71 are connected to their actuating toggles by springs 93, allowing yield. The pads 71 are swung toward the shoe opening by springs 102, the movement being limited by stops 100, 101. In a modification, the cam 25 is turned manually.




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