Improvements in border tiles for covering walls including corners and recesses of walls

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Leo Bloch
  • Publication Date: September 04, 1940
  • Publication Number: GB-525752-A


525,752. Tiles. BLOCH, L. Feb. 28, 1939, No. 6530. [Class 87 (i)] Border tiles for covering walls, including corners or recesses, have a marginal strip b bent backwards or forwards through considerably less than a right angle. The backward bend shown is used for an upper row of tiles or a corner covering, the side face c being at an acute angle with the face to allow the glazed edges to be adjacent on a right angled corner. For a base row of tiles or a recess the opposite side of the tile is glazed and the angle of the face c is reversed.




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