Improvements in and relating to devices for regulating the action of brakes

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Henry Briand
  • Publication Date: September 03, 1940
  • Publication Number: GB-525721-A


525,721. Vehicle brakes. BRIAND, H. Feb. 27, 1939, No. 6407. Convention date, March 2, 1938. Addition to 460,476 [Class 103 (i)] The brake oi the parent Specification is modified by the provision of a plurality of operating members one for each brake and a plurality of cams, one between each operating member and the central control member and operated by the vehicle steering mechanism. Each of the four wheel brakes of a vehicle is operated by one of a series of parallel hydraulic cylinders such as 41 which are operated by levers such as 44a operated by the brake pedal with the intermediary of cams in the form of wedge members such as 53a adapted to be moved by eccentrics such as 51a adapted to be turned by a connection to the steering mechanism so as to withdraw the wedges or thrust them further between the brake operating means. The eccentrics associated with the two rear wheel brakes are larger than those associated with the front wheel brakes. The diameters of the eccentrics passing through the axis of the spindle are all at equal angles to the vertical when the steering is central, but the inclination of the diameters corresponding to the right hand brakes is opposite to that of the left hand brakes so that there is a greater braking action with the brakes on the inner side of a curve.




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