Improvements in and relating to apparatus for cleaning air filters


525,249. Drying and cleaning air filters &c. MANN, EGERTON & CO., Ltd., and WILFORD, G. L. April 21, 1939, No. 12043. [Class 138 (i)] [Also in Group II] An apparatus for drying, or drying and cleaning, air filters for internal combustion engines, comprises a container 1 fitted with a cross bar 7 on which is rotatably mounted a hollow turntable 8 having an apertured wall and provided with external vanes 9 on which compressed air from a nozzle 10 is adapted to impinge to drive the turntable and so to cause any cleaning liquid on an air filter disposed in an inverted position in the turntable to be thrown out. The air filter is held in place by a clamping bar 14 mounted on spring-surrounded screw rods 12. The turntable is clamped to a flanged sleeve 21, Fig. 2, rotatable in ball bearings 22, and the lower end of this sleeve registers with a shroud 24 of a nozzle 25 connected by a pipe 25a to the supply pipe 27, Fig. 1, of the compressed air, the control of which to the nozzles 10, 25 is regulated respectively from taps 10b, 26. The container 1 has a supply of paraffin sufficient to cover the shroud 24. In use, with the clamping bar 14 removed, the turntable stationary, and the air filter inverted from its drying position, the tap 10b is closed and the tap 26 opened, so that the interior of the filter is washed by a spray of paraffin. After cleaning, the tap 26 is turned off, the filter inverted and clamped in the turntable by the clamping bar 14, and the tap 10b is then opened for the supply of compressed air to the nozzle 10. The container may be provided with a gauze filter above the level of the paraffin.




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