Improvements in float controlled valves


523,299. Float valves. WISTANCE, L. J. T. Dec. 29, 1938, No. 37692. [Class 135] A float controlled valve has the valve member arranged to close in the direction of flow. The conical valve member 8 which has an hexagonal contour is adjustably screwed on a valve spindle 9b and secured by a conical nut 10. The valve member is housed in a chamber 3b having a restricted communication through an aperture 3e with the inlet connection 3c and co-operates with a seating washer 7 secured by a flanged screwed ring 6 to a boss on a flanged closure 4 for the chamber 3b. The part 4 is provided with a discharge outlet 4e and with a guide for a block 9 secured to the valve spindle. This block is recessed at 9c to receive the shorter arm of the float lever 11 which is pivoted at 12 in lugs 4f, a cover 4g being provided to prevent splashing. Reference has been directed by the Comptroller to Specifications 9311/89, 12801/89, 16359/02, 10305/11, [all in Class 135], and 373,476.




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