A new or improved switch for use with luminous signs adapted to display different symbols within the same frame-area


523,042. Monogrammic signs. NEOGRAPH. Ltd., and KNEPPER, F. Dec. 23, 1938, No. 37446. [Class 118 (ii)] [Also in Group XXXVII] Relates to an automatic switch for use with luminous signs of the monogrammic type comprising a layout or arrangement of electric discharge tubes such as that described in Specification 523,192.. According to the invention, the switch comprises a set of contacts connected to the discharge tubes, and selective contact members which are moved relatively to the contacts, and is characterized by the fact that the selectors each include a number of separate contacts which can be permanently interconnected in order to put the required discharge tubes in circuit. Preferably the switch comprises a cylinder x rotatable by a motor z, or by hand, and carrying at its ends slip rings w which make contact with brushes v connected to the secondary of a transformer u. The selector consists of bars y removably secured to the slip rings w so that they can be changed according to the particular letter or numeral it is desired to exhibit. Each bar y carries insulated contacts which are connected with the slip rings and with one another and are arranged to make contact with a selection of contacts B that will display the required letter. The contacts B are mounted in insulated bases in a fixed bar s. In a modification, the selectors are fixed while the bar s is movable. The selector, or the bar s, also may be carried by a rotary arm or disc, or by a drum or belt or other kind of moving member.




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