Improvements in or relating to reversing valve arrangements for regenerative furnaces

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Otto Reiner
  • Publication Date: June 12, 1940
  • Publication Number: GB-522237-A


522,237. Reversing valves for' regenerative furnaces. REINER, O. Jan. 5, 1939, No. 391. Convention date, Jan. 5, 1938. [Class 64 (i)] In a regenerative furnace with alternately heated regenerators for heating air and gas and separate reversing valves for the air and gas connected to a stack, the gas reversing valve A, Fig. 4, is provided with slides 1, 2 which are closed immediately before reversal takes place so that all the gases leaving the furnace pass through the air regenerator to the stack, while during reversal of the valves gas cannot escape to the chimney. The slides 1, 2 are opened after reversal. When it is desired to operate the slides 1, 2 an electric motor 11, Fig. 3, is started and actuates a shaft 9 provided with pinions 6, 6<1> engaging with racks 3, 3<1>, 4, 4<1> connected to the slides 1, 2. The racks 3, 3<1> at the end of the opening movement of the slides engage with rods 14, 15 and operate switch levers 7, 8 provided with contact pins 7a, 8a. One of these levers makes contact with an adjustable screw 17 or 18 on the reversing lever 19 according to the position of the valve and the motor is stopped. The gas valve is then reversed and simultaneously the air inlet cowl 24 is lowered on the air reversing valve 25, Fig. 5, to cut off the air supply, by an electric motor 26. The valve 25, is then changed over in the usual manner, the slides 1, 2 opened by the motor 11 and the cowl 24 raised again at such time as will allow the air to reach the furnace at the same time as the gas. By adjusting the.screws 17, 18 on the lever 19 the displacement of the slides 1, 2 may be varied. Dampers 27, 28 may be provided to vary the sectional areas of the flues connected to the air reversing valve 25.




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