Improvements in or relating to scaffolding and like clips or clamps


521,945. Scaffold clamps. MILLS, Ltd., EXECUTORS OF J., and MACBETH, A. Sept. 28, 1938, No. 28159. [Class 20 (ii)] A scaffold clamp comprises two, two-part members, one adapted to be fixed within the end of a hollow scaffold pole, and the other to embrace a second scaffold pole which can be set at any angle to the first. One clamping member comprises two semi-cylindrical parts 5, 6 each with double inclined internal edges 5a, 5b and adapted to be received in the end of a tubular scaffold pole 8. The other clamping member comprises two shaped clamping elements 9, 10 adapted to embrace another scaffold pole 11 and secured by a bolt 7 passing through the perforated ends of the four clamping elements. When the bolt 7 is tightened the pole 11 is gripped by the elements 9, 10 and the elements 5, 6 are spread apart to grip the end of the scaffold tube 8.




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