Improvements in or relating to apparatus for feeding and severing webs of paper or similar thin material


521,206. Feeding webs. FORSTER, L. G., and MOLINS MACHINE CO., Ltd. Nov. 11, 1938, No. 32832. [Class 100 (i)] In a machine, e.g., a wrapping machine, in which a thin web is fed to a cutting device, cooperating shaped guide plates are provided to form a bend or corrugations extending longitudinally of the web to stiffen it, the plates acting upon a part of the web which is in tension lengthwise of the web. In one form, Figs. 1 and 3, the feed rollers 6, 7 have narrow feed flanges passing through slots 16 in a pair of guide plates 14, 15 shaped to form corrugations in the web as it is drawn, from the braked supply roll 5 to the cutting devices 8, 9. The roller 6 is mounted in a bracket 26 carried by a pivot 27. Instead of providing slots 16, two separate pairs of guide plates may be provided, one on each side of the feed rollers. Instead of corrugations, a simple transverse bow may be formed by concave and convex guide plates. Similarly shaped concave or convex knives may be employed in that case.




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