Improvements in or relating to cocks or taps for pressure fluid pipes and containers


521,182. Lubricating valves. GERARD, P. E. N., and LANNOY, R. DE. Dec. 5, 1938, No. 35371, Convention date, Nov. 15. [Class 135] [Also in Group XXXIV] A rotary disc valve has the contacting surfaces continuously lubricated by lubricant forced from a reservoir on the valve member or in the valve casing by the pressure of the controlled fluid. As shown in Fig. 1, a disc plate 5 with an eccentric port 6 is pressed by the inlet pressure against a seat 4 formed on a nozzle member 2 screwed into a valve body 1. The nozzle has a port 3 with which the port 6 co-operates. A pivot 8 screwed into the disc 5 is received in a hole 9 and carries an operating rod 12 which works within a slot 10 which extends for preferably 180‹ or more round the nozzle. The lubrication is effected by a substance such as finely divided graphite, paraffin or graphited grease contained in a tube 14 supported on the disc 5 and passing with small clearance into a hollow 18. The body 1 has a depending flange 16 by which air is trapped above the lubricant to which the pressure of the controlled fluid is transmitted without it coming into contact with the lubricant. Lubricant reaches the valve face through an aperture 15. Fig. 4 shows a modification in which the nozzle 2 is formed with a closed chamber 20 divided into two compartments by a partition 24 which extends nearly to the top of the chamber. One compartment communicates by a calibrated passage 26 with the inlet side of the valve whilst a similar passage opening in the other compartment which contains lubricant, opens at the valve face. The passage 26 may be arranged so that the controlled fluid exerts'its influence on the lubricant when the valve is open or closed or during part of its displacement from the open to the closed position or vice-versa.




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