Improvements in colour photographic developers and colour photographic development processes


520,528. Colour photography. KODAK, Ltd., and JELLEY, E. E. July 25, 1938, No. 22047. [Class 98 (ii)] A colour developer contains an aromatic amino developing agent, such as p-dimethylaminoaniline, 2-amino-5-diethylaminotoluene, or p-aminophenol, a colour former, such as a chlorinated phenol, an unsubstituted or substituted naphthol such as 2:4-dichlor-α-naphthol, a dihydroxy naphthol, such as 1: 5-dihydroxynaphthalene, or a pyrazolone, and a primary aliphatic amine, such as ethylendiamine, or ethanolamine, the amine being present in a concentration sufficiently small not to increase the time of penetration of the developer, but sufficiently large to give better colour saturation in the resulting coloured images. One or more silver salt images in two or more emulsion layers on the same side of the support may be processed by the developer, or the bottom layer of a multilayer element may be selectively processed thereby. A formula for a suitable developing composition is given. Specifications 440,032, 440,089, 447,092, 454,622 and 507,841 are referred to.




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