Improvements in beer or like pumps


519,725. Pump cylinders. GASKELL & CHAMBERS, Ltd., and WEIGHTMAN, J. S. Sept. 26, 1938, No. 27961. [Class 122 (i)] A beer or like pump is constructed so that the end caps 6, 7 of the cylinder 5 can be readily removed 'for cleansing purposes. The caps are formed with annular grooves 24 lined with gaskets 25, and the cylinder forms a plain spigotal engagement therewith. The caps are held in place by readily operated clamps such as pivoted bolts 14 which engage forked or slotted lugs 13 on the caps and are secured to the caps by wing-nuts 15 with conical operative faces engaging conical seatings in the lugs. A pair of bolts 14 is pivoted centrally of the cylinder on each side of the cylinder, and each pair is pivoted about a common pivot 17.




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