Collapsible baby carriage

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Ernst Weber
  • Publication Date: April 02, 1940
  • Publication Number: GB-519635-A


519,635. Perambulatutors. WEBER, E. Sept. 24, 1938, No. 27927. [Class 108 (i)] A collapsable baby carriage comprises a seat 1 and back 2 both of box - like shape and hinged together at 3 and adapted when folded together to form a closed container, Fig. 2, housing the movably mounted footrest support 24 and' the hinged arms 5, 6 carrying the wheels 19. the sections 41, 42, 43 of the handle 40 being telescoped together leaving the end. section 43 serving as a carrying handle retained by the strap 50 which secures the parts 1, 2 in closed position. Each of the wheel arms is in two parts 13, 14 connected by a pivot 16 and with a compression spring 18 interposed between a hub on the part 14 and a bush 17 on the part 13 to provide the springing for the carriage. The upper parts 13 of the arms are connected tb the sides of the seat by double hinges 10, 11 and the wheels 19 are mounted on the lower parts 14 of the arms by means of a bush part 50 pivoting on a vertical axis 54 and slidable against the pressure of a spring 51 enabling a bar 53 on the bush 50 to be withdrawn from a recess in the end of the part 14 whereby the wheels may be reversed through 180 degrees. When in the open position the arms 5, 6 are returned against abutments 20 by a spring 45. Folding side boards 34 hinged to the seat 1 are secured in normal position by catches 37 engaging pins 35. The sections of the handle 40 are held in extended position by spring catches 57 adapted to be disengaged when the sections are to be telescoped by means of a ring 58 having limited sliding movement permitted by hooks 59. The footrest support 24 is adapted to be pushed through an opening 23 in the front 22 of the seat after the footrest 29 hinged thereto at 28 and held in normal position by the stay 30 and spring 31 has been moved into the same plane as the support.




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