Improvements relating to metallic conduits for electric conductors

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: John Michael Hollander
  • Publication Date: January 23, 1940
  • Publication Number: GB-517209-A


517,209. Conduits; junction boxes. HOLLANDER, J. M. Aug. 27, 1938, No. 25202. [Classes 36 and 38 (i)] A metal conduit for electric conductors comprises channel sections 1 closed by cover plates 2. with inturned flanges 3, secured by screws 4 engaging lugs 5, a U-shaped collar 6 being welded, riveted &c. flush with the end of each section ; each collar 6 is of angle section and the free end of each side branch of the collar has an outwardly projecting lug 8. In Fig. 1, adjacent sections are connected by passing bolts 9 through the out-turned flanges 7 of the collars 6. Transverse angle bars 11 are welded, riveted &c. flush with the ends of the cover plates and overlie the lugs 8 to which they are bolted ; angle bans 11 of adjacent cover plates are connected by bolts 13. In Figs. 6 and 9, adjacent sections 1, la of different sizes have similar cover plates 2, 2a, U-shaped collars 6, 6a, and transverse bars 11, 11a, and are connected by means of a reducing plate 14 and strips 15 placed between the parts and bolted thereto. Sections may be connected through intermediate junctionboxes &c.




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