Improvements in or relating to safety devices for lift cages


516,618. Locking and unlocking lift cages. POWNER, E. D., and POWNER, W. D. May 25, 1938, No. 15571. [Class 78 (iii)] The fastening for the cage gate of a lift is adapted to lock the starting gear when the gate is opened and release it when the gate is closed by providing a spring-loaded detent to engage a notched slide bar or rack connected to tne starting gear, disengagement being effected, in the closing position of the gate, by a cam actuated by a beak on the gate picket when the gate is closed. Fig. 3 shows the fastening with the catch lever 4 engaged by a beak 5 on the end picket 3 of the gate and with a spring-loaded detent 8 adapted to engage a notch in a slide bar 9 connected with the starting gear. In the closed position of the gate a second beak 11 on the picket 3 rocks a cam 12 which through an arm 13 withdraws the detent from the bar. If the lift gate should be opened with the lift in motion the detent 8 is released and engages the slide bar 9 which is thereby lifted to arrest the lift.




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