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  • Publication Date: December 31, 1969
  • Publication Number: GB-515769-A


515,769. Shoots and hoppers. VANDERPUMP, E. H., and AMALGAMATED ANTHRACITE COLLERIES, Ltd. June 29, 1938, No. 19294. [Class 78 (i)] In a shoot for discharging coal or other lumpy material, in order to cushion the impact of the material with the shoot a layer of the material is formed in the shoot adjacent the entrance by means of a transverse bar 1 lowered to within a few inches of the base of the shoot. The bar is counterweighted and, in the form shown, slides in guides 6 and is raised and lowered by the chain and sprocket gear 9 ... 14, being locked in the lowered position by a clamp 15 engaging the handwheel 8. In modifications, the bar may be raised and lowered by a link and lever system and instead of the guides 6 the ends of the obstruction bar may be carried by radius rods.




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