Improvements in or relating to machines for washing bottles or similar containers

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Cherry Burrell Corp
  • Publication Date: October 31, 1939
  • Publication Number: GB-514130-A


514,130. Bottle-washing machines. CHERRY-BURRELL CORPORATION. April 27, 1938, No. 32012. Convention date, May 6, 1937. Divided out of 514,117. [Class 138 (i)] A bottle-washing machine comprises a soaking tank 16 and an upper casing 17 provided at the sides with rails 18, 21 supporting rollers 19 of an endless conveyer 20 with transverse carriers for the bottles which are loaded at A, rinsed at B, soaked at C, then become inverted and allowed to drain at D, washed at E, rinsed at F, chlorinated at G and finally unloaded at H. The conveyer is given a step-by-step movement through a distance equal to that between the transverse bottle carriers by means of swinging dogs 70 on oscillating levers 65 and between D and E a current of air is directed over the bottles to cool them more rapidly after soaking in the hot soaking liquid at C. For this purpose a vent opening 104 with stack 1043 is provided in the casing 17 together with a transverse pipe 1040 below the opening 104 and below the part of the conveyer at this position, pipe 1040 having its ends opening through the sides of the casing and screened at 1041 and slotted at 1042, thus admitting fresh air. At E the bottles are sprayed inside by jets supplied from a header 85 and outside by spray rings on carriages 95 moved up and down by a piston 98, lever 99, follower 100 and cam 101 and supplied with fluid from a pump 76 by a flexible hose 103.




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