Improved methods of making bearings

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  • Assignees: Gen Motors Corp
  • Publication Date: August 23, 1939
  • Publication Number: GB-511726-A


511,726. Coating with metals. GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION. Sept. 23, 1938, No. 27771. Convention date, Oct. 13, 1937. [Class 82 (ii)] [Also in Groups XXXIV and V] A bearing comprises a sintered porous metal sponge forming a strong load supporting framework impregnated with a corrosion-resistant lead base alloy containing from 2-15 per cent. antimony and 2-15 per cent. tin. A mixture of powdered metals 3, e.g. of copper and nickel, is spread uniformly on a steel plate 1 having a thin copper coating 2. Pore-forming material such as salicylic acid may be added to the mixture. The latter is then sintered. The leadtin-antimony alloy 4 is then applied, in molten form, to the surface of the porous metal 3, preferably by immersion under vacuum, so that it fills the pores thereof. Thereafter the strip is subjected to air pressure and is rapidly cooled from the back. The surface of the bearing metal 4 is then machined ready for use. The amount of metal 4 removed during the machining process can be varied so that more or less of the harder porous metal 3 is exposed at the bearing surface. The steel strip 1 may be replaced by a strip of nickel or nickel alloy. Specification 496,763 is referred to.




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