Improvements in or relating to head lamps for vehicles

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Bosch Gmbh Robert
  • Publication Date: August 23, 1939
  • Publication Number: GB-511687-A


511,687. Vehicle lamp mountings. BOSCH GES., R., (formerly BOSCH AKT.-GES., R.). Feb. 22, 1938, No. 5486. Convention date, Feb. 22, 1937. [Classes 75 (ii) and 75 (iii)] In a headlamp, adapted to be installed flush in an opening in the vehicle body 1 and having a detachable cover glass 2 continuous with the curved form of the body, the glass 2 has an annular extension 3 with a flange 4 secured by springs 6 in a holding ring 5, having an extension 7 provided with three spaced apertured brackets 8 mounted on stay bolts 9 on the interior of the body 1, a spacing ring 11 and a packing ring 12 being provided. The reflector 13 is mounted in a tubular casing 14 adjustably held in the extension 7 by screw bolts 16, inserted through lugs 15 on the casing 14 into the brackets 8, and springs 17 thereon. The ring 11 may extend into the opening in the body so as to be visible from the front or it may be dispensed wdth and the brackets 8 be held against collars on the stay bolts 9.




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