Improvements in or relating to polishing brushes for vacuum cleaners


509,073. Polishing floors. BRITISH THOMSON-HOUSTON CO., Ltd., and STENT, T. F. April 21, 1938, No. 11990. [Class 138 (i)] - A device for removably attaching a floor polishing brush to' a vacuum cleaner comprises a frame 1, Fig. 1, adapted to fit against the nozzle and carrying at 9, Fig. 2, the spindle of a rotary brush driven by a band from the vacuum motor Where the cleaner already has a brush inside the nozzle, this is removed. The device is clipped to the nozzle by fixed lugs 10 and movable ones 16 carried on pushrods 14 spring-pressed at 18. The rod 14 is pressed inwards to allow the lug 16 to engage one edge of the lip of the nozzle. When the device is applied to a vacuum cleaner provided with a grid, additional lugs 19 are supplied to engage one or more wires of the grid and prevent longitudinal movement.




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