Dyeing acetate artificial silk


507,748. Dyeing textiles. GRUBB, W. J., SHAW, C., SENNETT, R. H., and IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, Ltd. Sept. 20, 1937, No. 22799. [Class 15 (ii)] Cellulose acetate, dyeing.-Acetate artificial silk is dyed black shades by applying thereto from an aqueous bath 1-amino-4-p-nitroanilinoanthraquinone-2-sulphonic acid or a soluble salt thereof. In examples: (1) acetate artificial silk yarn is scoured in a very dilute solution of soap and ammonia, washed in cold water and entered into an aqueous bath containing 1 - amino - 4 - p - nitroanilinoanthraquinone 2 - sulphonic acid, the temperature is then raised slowly to 80‹ C., sodium chloride is added and the temperature is maintained at 80-85‹ C. for ¥ hour, whereupon the yarn is washed and dried to obtain a greenish black dyeing ; (2) a similar yarn is similarly dyed a neutral black with the use of the sodium salt of the same dyestuff together with the dyestuff, 2-chloro-4-nitraniline # N - ethyl - N - # - sulphatoethylaniline. Specification 228,557, [Class 15 (ii)], is referred to.




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