Improvements in or relating to feed mechanism for slicing machines

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Micro Westco Inc
  • Publication Date: May 17, 1939
  • Publication Number: GB-505821-A


505,821. Endless-chain conveyers. MICRO-WESTCO, Inc. Sept. 28, 1938, No. 28215. Convention date, Dec. 16, 1937 [Class 78 (i)] [Also in Group I] A slicing-machine for articles having relatively broad front and rear surface areas and which are relatively unstable, e.g. loaves, is provided with feeding-mechanism comprising a pair of endless conveyers A, B having spaced flights 40, 80 respectively for engaging the rear sides of the articles, the flights being pivotally mounted so that the withdrawal of the flights from the articles is in directions substantially at right-angles to the direction of feed. As shown, the conveyer A comprises side chains 28 connected by the flights 40 which move the loaves over an apron 24, the flights being pivoted to the side chains at 43, in advance of the pushing face, and maintained vertical by shoes 42 riding on tracks at the sides of the apron. The loaves are received from the apron by a plate 47 carried by a member 49 pivoted at 50, the forward end of the plate 47 normally resting upon finger-like ends of a fibre or other non-metallic guide 10 which project through the reciprocating knives 2. The guide 10 is mounted on a plate 13 carried on members 9 pivoted to the frame at 8 and supported in the operative position by a transverse member 11. The sliced loaves are delivered to the discharge conveyer D which is driven in synchronism with the conveyers A, B. The end of the apron ends in a flange 45 over which the shoes 42 drop, allowing the flights 40 to descend vertically The upper conveyer B is adjustable vertically by the elongated slot attachment 56, 58 with the framing, and comprises side chains 63 to which the flights 80 are pivoted at 81, shoes 83 on the flights being arranged to ride between guides 84 and plates 85 which support the bottom laps of the chains. The guides 84 end in such positions that the flights 80 are withdrawn vertically substantially in alignment with the flights 40. The loaves, are steadied by side guides 92, 93 carried on rods 95 slidably adjustable in members 94, and having a slot connection 98 with the rods so that the guides may be readily disconnected. The guides have paddle-like ends 102 which provide additional support for the loaves adjacent to the cutters. The loaves are further steadied by a hold-down plate 87 the carrying member 88 of which is pivoted at 89 to the frame of the conveyer B, so that it may be swung up by a handle 90. Upper finger-like knifeblade guides 91, e.g. of fibre are connected between the plate 87 and member 88. A part of the conveyer B is arranged to give the flights 80 an inclined descent to the loafengaging position which causes the flights 80 to lag behind the flights 40 until the loafengaging position is reached. The conveyer- B is connected to the conveyer A by a chain 75, and the sprocket 74 is angularly adjustable on the shaft 73 so that the flights 80 may be advanced or retarded relatively. to the flights 40, e.g. to deal with overhanging loaves or loaves smaller at the top than at the bottom. A hand wheel 18 is splined on the shaft 17 on which the sprocket 20, engaged by the main drive chain 3, is revoluble. The sprocket 20 and the wheel have opposed faces formed as dog-clutch parts, so that the conveyers may be started or stopped by sliding the hand wheel 18 on the shaft 17. A modified form of hold-down plate is mounted for sliding vertical adjustment on the frame 1. The plate is pivotally mounted, and is locked in its operative position by a sliding latch.




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