Improvements in clamping devices for hose pipes and the like

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: James Jerome O Neill
  • Publication Date: February 14, 1939
  • Publication Number: GB-500701-A


500,701. Band clips. O'NEILL, J. J. July 11, 1938, No. 20477. Convention date, July 12, 1937. [Class 44] A band clip for hose-pipes comprises a flexible member 7 which takes one or more helical turns round the hose pipe 4, its ends 8 overlapping and being forced further apart to contract the clip by toggle levers 11 pivoted together at 12 and to the arms 8 by pins 14 and eyes 9. Pivot 12 if pressed towards the pipe and the levers are held in tightenining position by passage of the pivot beyond the deadcentre. To allow adjustment for use with different sizes of pipe the levers have a number of holes 13 through which the pivot pins 14 may be selectively inserted.




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