Improvements in or relating to ticket strips

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Dennison Victor Co Ltd
  • Publication Date: February 07, 1939
  • Publication Number: GB-500325-A


500,325. Tickets. DENNISONVICTOR CO., Ltd. April 13, 1938, No. 11371. Convention date, April 13, 1937. [Class 73] A ticket strip from which individual tickets can be separated is provided with short feed slots between the, tickets and slits in line with the slots leaving narrow necks which can be severed as by a knife straddling a ,feed member engaging the slots. As shown in Fig. 1 the slots 1 are in the middle of the strip, the necks 2 being adapted to be cut by a knife 10, Fig. 10, straddling the feeding finger 11. The slots may be shaped as shown in Fig. 3 and may have short slits 30 at their ends. Fig. 13 shows a form which is separated into parts comprising four units S, S<1>, S<2>, S<3> by cutting necks 2 on each side of slots 1. To hold the four units together the parts S<1>, S<2> and S<3> are connected by additional necks 2<c> which can be subsequently severed to obtain separated units S<2>, S<3> while the parts S, Sl can be separated by tearing along perforated or weakened lines 12, 12<1>, a slot 9 being provided which is large enough to take the knife 10 and finger 11. In another form the strip is divisible into two-unit parts similar to the part S, S<1> by severing the necks 2.




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