Improvements relating to trousers and knickers

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: George Gaspard Levy
  • Publication Date: February 03, 1939
  • Publication Number: GB-500206-A


500,206. Trousers and knickers. LEVY, G. G. Aug. 3, 1937, No. 21429. [Class 141] In trousers or knickers of the kind provided at or adjacent each side seam with a vertical slit extending downwardly from the upper edge of the waistband, the ends of the waistband adjacent the slits, and the edges of the slits, being extended one over the other, and the ends of the waistband being adjustably secured together, a pocket 9 is provided on each side of the front portion 3 of the garment, each slit extending downwardly to a point 2 located a short distance below the upper end of the pocket aperture so that only the top part of the pocket is displaced with the front portion 3 of the garment when this is disconnected from the rear portion 4 of the garment. The waistband may extend uninterruptedly across the front of the garment.




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