Improved means for attaching flexible conductors to electric terminals, contacts, orthe like


499,407. Electric couplings. BELLING & LEE, Ltd., and HODBY, A. L. July 21, 1937, No. 20139. [Class 38 (i)] A flexible screened conductor is fitted with an open ended sleeve 1 having an internal tapered screw - thread 5 for engagement with the insulation 8 of the conductor and having an integral terminal, plug, socket, &c. or a flange 2 or other formation for attachment to a support such as a screening casing leaving the inner conductor 7 free. The screw thread 5 in the sleeve 1 may overlap the end of the screening braid 9 and may terminate in a cylindrical portion 6 frictionally fitting the screening braid. The sleeve 1 may be drawn out from a sheet-metal flange which may have an extension carrying an integral annular connector concentric with a plug connected to the inner conductor 7. Several such terminating sleeves having bores of different sizes to fit different cables may be made integral with one screening casing.




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