Improvements in or relating to tennis rackets

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Carl Georg Staub
  • Publication Date: January 09, 1939
  • Publication Number: GB-498430-A


498,430. Tennis rackets. STAUB, C. G. Jan. 31, 1938, No. 3014. Convention date, Feb. 5, 1937. [Class 132 (ii)] A tennis racket is characterized in that the head-frame thereof consists of a one-part moulded body, the two oppositely situated annular parts and the string-tensioning members connecting these annular parts being formed by a single body. The strings 4 are slung over semicircular pins 2 formed by the interconnecting pieces between the annular parts and have their ends held in conical sleeve members 5 which can be engaged by a screwthreaded 'tightening sleeve provided with a gauged tension spring for adjusting the tension of the strings. A removable metal strip 10 is inserted in the outwardly facing groove of the frame 1, the front being corrugated as shown in Fig. 1a, and being tensioned and locked by arms 11 engaging recesses 12 in the frame. Handle.-The handle 8 is of thin sheet metal and may be formed integrally with the frame. A hollow body 16 is adapted to be moved inside the handle by a screw and screw-bore arrangement 14, 15, so displacing a pasty material 17 of high specific gravity, for balancing purposes. In a modification, solid weights are held in position by felt discs near the end of the handle. Additional weights may be similarly arranged at the head of the frame.




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