Improvements in or relating to apparatus for the coating of steel sheets with tin orother metals


494,720. Tinning-pots. THOMAS & CO., Ltd., R., and DAVIES, D. H. April 27, 1937, No. 12006. [Class 82 (ii)] A series of rolls arranged to convey steel or other metallic sheets coated with tin or other metals through a tinpot includes a pair of feeder rolls P, Q, a rotatable roll R to take the place of a curved extension of one of the usual guides, and upper and lower rolls S, T between which the sheet is received from the said rotatable roll and by which it is conveyed on its way to the pair of exit rolls. The upper and lower rolls S, T may be either plain or disc rolls, or the bottom roll may be plain and the upper roll a disc roll. The upper roll may be larger in diameter than the other rolls in the tinpot so that it projects above the metal into the grease. There may be one, two or more discs per roll. The whole of the rolls are mounted in two long frames so that the frames and rolls may be removed from the tinpot intact.




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