Improvements in and relating to lighters, especially pocket lighters


494,463. Pocket &c. igniters. REICH, O., and VIGNATI, J. Dec. 13, 1937, No. 34518. Convention date, Dec. 11, 1936. [Class 75 (iii)] In an igniter of the kind described in Specification 404,479, the fuel chamber for receiving compressed gas consists of several spaces communicating with one another. In one form, containers 1, Fig. 1, of circular, rectangular or hexagonal cross section are connected together as by soldering and communicate with one another through a perforated tube 2. A gas inlet and outlet opening 4, an opening 6 for removing air, and a closed insertion 3 for receiving a flint tube are provided. In a second form, Fig. 4, made by casting or pressing, the container is formed with spaces 1 communicating through slots 7. In a third form, several containers are attached by their narrowed lower ends to a common container. In a fourth form, tubular containers 1, Fig. 7, with openings 11 are rigidly connected with an outer casing 8.




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