Improvements in or relating to hoses or flexible tubes and the manufacture thereof


494,038. Flexible tubes ; braiding. SUPERFLEXIT, Ltd., and GRINT, W. H. June 29, 1937, No. 18107. [Class 74 (i)] [Also in Group XXVIII] Threads or wires 19 are braided on a stationary mandrel 5 in a braiding machine and a coating of viscous material is applied to the braided tube so as to produce a flexible tube reinforced by the threads or wires. The viscous material may be applied to the inside of the threads or wires through the mandrel and an annular groove 10 in an extension thereof or to the outside by a nozzle 13 or to both the inside and outside. The groove 10 or the nozzle 13 may be of helical form to prevent the formation of ridges in the hose due to twisting as the hose leaves the machine. Formers 11 and 17 determine the thickness of the internal and external coatings respectively. When the coating is applied either internally or externally it may pass through the braided threads or wires to form a coat on both sides of the tube. A tube of increased strength may consist of two or three layers of coated braiding. The viscous material may be dried by passing the tube through a drying chamber 18 or by supplying a drying medium to the inside of the tube through a nozzle 12. Suitable materials for the coating are aliphatic 'or aromatic vinyl resins or synthetic rubbers. Different materials may be supplied to the inside and outside of the hose. When polyvinyl alcohol is used for the coating a formaldehyde may serve as a drying medium. The braiding of the wires or threads 19 is effected by rows of shuttles 1, 2 which are rotated in opposite directions and traverse sinuous paths which intersect.




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