Motor fuels

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Armour & Co
  • Publication Date: August 26, 1938
  • Publication Number: GB-491102-A


Hydrocarbon motor fuels are improved as regards knocking and deposition of carbon by adding about 0,05 to 1 per cent of one or more monoketones of the formula R.CO.R1 where R is a cyclic radical containing not more than 3 rings and R1 is an alkyl radical containing at least 6 carbon atoms. Ketones specified are phenyl heptadecyl, p-tolyl heptadecyl, m-xylyl heptadecyl, p-xylyl heptadecyl, m-xylyl pentadecyl, p-tolyl pentadecyl, p-methoxyphenyl pentadecyl, p-ethoxyphenyl pentadecyl, phenyl undecyl, p-chlorphenyl undecyl, p-methoxyphenyl heptadecyl, p-methoxyphenyl undecyl, p-phenoxyphenyl heptadecyl, p-phenoxyphenyl tridecyl, p-phenoxyphenyl undecyl, p-(p-nitrophenoxy)-phenyl heptadecyl, p-(p-methylphenoxy)-phenyl heptadecyl, a -naphthyl heptadecyl, a -naphthyl pentadecyl, anthracyl heptadecyl (mixtures of isomers), p-biphenyl heptadecyl, p-biphenyl tridecyl, p-biphenyl undecyl, p-methylbiphenyl heptadecyl, p-chlorbiphenyl heptadecyl, 2-furyl heptadecyl, 2-furyl undecyl, 5-methyl-2-furyl heptadecyl, and dibenzofuryl heptadecyl and dibenzofuryl undecyl ketones; and alkyl phenones from lard fatty acids. The ketones may be added to straight run p or cracked gaoline, kerosene, or Diesel fuel oil.




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