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US-8214378-B2: Time-critical filtering of information using domain ontologies patent, US-8266822-B2: Drying process of triturated crushed sugar-cane or others for latter briquetting or others patent, US-6708750-B2: Control and motorization system patent, US-6776066-B2: Hand lever patent, US-6791813-B2: Communication line surge protecting system patent, US-6879186-B2: Pseudo-dynamic latch deracer patent, US-6910888-B2: Dental model tray used in forming dental model patent, US-6911867-B2: Error amplifier and DC-DC converter and the method thereof patent, US-6975114-B1: Methods for transmit excitation in magnetic resonance imaging using a transmit pulse with time varying spatial characteristics patent, US-7212049-B2: Digital-control-type phase-composing circuit system patent, US-7437235-B2: Hall effect pick-up with timing correction patent, US-7527831-B2: Method of making a molecule-surface interface patent, US-7572818-B2: 2-pyridylethylbenzamide derivative patent, US-7667404-B2: Plasma display apparatus patent, US-7760138-B2: GNSS receiver with enhanced accuracy using two signal carriers patent, US-7809504-B2: Power management method patent, US-7884562-B2: Brushless multiphase self-commutation controller patent, US-7983189-B2: System and method for tracking performance and service level agreement compliance for multipoint packet services patent, US-8223775-B2: Architecture for a flexible and high-performance gateway cable modem patent, US-8253423-B2: Multiple line width electromigration test structure and method patent, US-8253773-B2: Video camera utilizing subscriber-based networks patent, US-8288728-B2: Method and apparatus to facilitate crystal identification in a pet detector patent, US-8382229-B2: Lead edge detector for printer patent, US-8431842-B2: Sequential switching device with surrounding distinctive joint points structure patent, US-8439656-B2: Liquid pump for an internal combustion engine and device for heating liquid patent, US-8476473-B2: Compound, method for preparing the compound and resist composition containing the compound patent, US-8479431-B2: Firearm camouflage system patent, US-6710892-B2: System and method for printing image data in a reduced time patent, US-6727858-B2: Circularly polarized wave antenna suitable for miniaturization patent, US-6743062-B1: Braking system for jet-propelled boat patent, US-6804065-B2: Working method of die for use for Fresnel lens, cutting tool for use with the working method, die worked through execution of the working method, and Fresnel lens worked from the die patent, US-6831670-B2: Printer patent, US-6840809-B2: Electrical connector having improved contacts patent, US-6850842-B2: Navigation system for providing real-time traffic information and traffic information processing method by the same patent, US-6877832-B2: Instruction architecture using two instruction stacks patent, US-6952879-B2: Inner cutter unit for an electric rotary shaver patent, US-6962444-B2: Bearing for fuel pump, method of manufacturing the same, and fuel pump patent, US-7154623-B2: Method and apparatus for generating images patent, US-7161692-B2: Data processing apparatus patent, US-7206194-B2: Mechanism for self-alignment of communications elements in a modular electronic system patent, US-7224543-B1: Method and apparatus for reducing off-track writes in data storage devices patent, US-7249980-B2: Connecting device for bunched conductors patent, US-7256663-B2: Balun device, balance filter device, and wireless communication apparatus patent, US-7403050-B2: Circuits for quickly generating power good signals to motherboard patent, US-7498991-B2: Miniature combo built-in antenna structure patent, US-7499792-B2: Diagnostic method for an exhaust gas probe and diagnostic device for an exhaust gas probe patent, US-7506914-B2: Convertible vehicle patent, US-7538406-B2: Ambient light sensor utilizing combination of filter layer and absoprtion layer to achieve similar sensitivity to the light as the human eye patent, US-7602544-B2: Wavelength conversion device and wavelength conversion method patent, US-7663310-B2: Organic electro luminescence display and method of fabricating the same patent, US-7685859-B2: Crimping apparatus and method patent, US-7686621-B2: Integrated circuit test socket having elastic contact support and methods for use therewith patent, US-7686648-B2: Electrical connector having an improved housing patent, US-7766480-B1: Gonio lens with geometric reference patent, US-7868934-B2: Image capturing apparatus, control method therefor, program, and storage medium for providing a limited extraction range of a video image patent, US-7965923-B2: Systems and methods for indexing and searching digital video content patent, US-7975619-B2: Two-axle truck for a railway car and a railway car patent, US-8007695-B2: Method of fabricating small dimensioned lens elements and lens arrays using surface tension effects patent, US-8111850-B2: Method for adjusting a hearing device with a standardization of processing values patent, US-8144406-B2: Thermal management for a solid immersion lens objective in optical probing patent, US-8175092-B2: Address protocol resolution of router device patent, US-8185666-B2: Compare instruction patent, US-8244115-B2: Combination flashlight and a device for dispensing a volatile substance patent, US-8248129-B2: Signal delay circuit, clock transfer control circuit and semiconductor device having the same patent, US-8401361-B2: Information recording and reproducing apparatus and method using menu of face images included in recording information patent, US-8444363-B2: Substrate processing apparatus patent, US-8503091-B2: Lens system and photographing apparatus having the same patent, US-6708528-B2: High-elasticity wet suit fabric patent, US-6908962-B1: Stable silicone oil emulsion composition, article of manufacture, and method of fabric wrinkle control patent, US-6915523-B2: PL/I metamodel patent, US-6931354-B2: Method, apparatus and computer program product for efficient, large counts of per thread performance events patent, US-7036911-B2: Pagewidth printer having modular printhead assembly with flexible PCB and busbars patent, US-7086398-B2: Long term oxygen therapy system patent, US-7113752-B2: Method for securing the operation of a receiver, and a radio apparatus patent, US-7114367-B1: Pulmonary function test calibration system and method patent, US-7135977-B2: Method and system for tracking identification devices patent, US-7202675-B2: Device and method for measuring toner current patent, US-7238701-B2: Substituted tetrahydrobenzothienopyrimidinamine compounds useful for treating hyper-proliferative disorders patent, US-7262728-B2: Data transfer apparatus for industrial machinery patent, US-7340706-B2: Method and system for analyzing the quality of an OPC mask patent, US-7437435-B2: Automatically setting method and related system patent, US-7466824-B2: Method and system for encryption of streamed data patent, US-7471805-B2: Hearing aid mechanism patent, US-7483217-B2: Axially symmetrical molded glass lens, mold assembly for an axially symmetrical molded glass lens, method for manufacturing a mold assembly for an axially symmetrical molded glass lens and method for manufacturing an axially symmetrical molded glass lens patent, US-7530000-B2: Early detection of storage device degradation patent, US-5750566-A: Synthetic excitatory amino acids patent, US-7681672-B2: Cryogenic pulsejet and method of use patent, US-7850499-B2: Method of manufacturing organic electroluminescence display apparatus patent, US-7910007-B2: Treatment method of waste liquid and treatment apparatus patent, US-8088963-B2: Dehydration of 1-phenyl ethanol patent, US-8157116-B2: Electrical junction box patent, US-8194071-B2: Tile based graphics rendering patent, US-8279018-B1: Trifila balun for wireless transceiver patent, US-8291325-B2: Location specific display of information resources on a host interface patent, US-8429029-B2: Method and apparatus for providing supplementary product sales to a customer at a customer terminal patent, US-8476003-B2: Iterative rinse for semiconductor fabrication patent, US-8525610-B2: Composite electronic module and method of manufacturing composite electronic module patent, US-6705910-B2: Manufacturing method for an electron-emitting source of triode structure patent, US-6727856-B1: Antenna system for a wireless device patent, US-6824630-B2: Flexible flat cable connecting method and a horn construction of an ultrasonic welding machine patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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